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121: Melissa Wood Pt. 2 - Understanding Eating Disorders, Vulnerability, Social Media Comparison, Productive Routines, & A Live Event Announcement

On this episode we sit down again with Melissa Wood Tepperberg aka Melissa Wood Health. Melissa is raw, real, and extremely vulnerable in this episode when she shares her journey with an eating disorder and what it was like to heal herself. She also shares information on how to talk to your loves ones, comparison on social media, and productive routines. This episode also has some exciting announcements for our first live event and information around the upcoming event.


#86: MELISSA WOOD HEALTH - lant Based Diets, Meditation, Battling Eating Disorders, and Being The Best Version of Yourself

On this episode we are joined by Melissa Wood-Tepperberg aka Melissa Wood Health (@melissawoodhealth) who is a a health coach, mom, yoga guru, and all around badass to discuss all things health and wellness. This episode covers a plant based diet, meditation, fitness, becoming the best version of yourself and colonics. We also discuss Melissa's battle with an eating disorder and how she overcame it and came out inspiring herself and those around her.


#98: BE WELL BY KELLY - Dieting In The New Year, Cortisol, Quick Fixes Vs. Long Term Fixes, Sleep Schedules, Fat Burning, Self Discipline and Diet Procrastination

On this episode Kelly LeVeque AKA Be Well By Kelly returns to jump into a variety of topics! We start with jumping into a new year diet with the new year, morning routines, cortisol in our systems and the myth behind juice cleanses. The conversations evolves into when to eat before bed, sleep schedules, unhealthy weight loss tactics, quick fixes that may hurt you in the long term and procrastinating when it comes to diet.