#281- Dr. Jason Diamond - Dr. Jason Diamond On Lip Lifts, Buccal Fat Removal, Jaw Sculpting, Snatching, Brow Lifts, & Anti-Aging

#281: On this episode we are joined again by world renowned and double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Diamond. This episode covers a lot of ground when it comes to facial procedures. We discuss who, what, how, and where to look to get procedures done. We also discuss procedures in detail including lip lifts, buccal fat pad removal, jaw sculpting & snatching, and brow lifts.


#280- Topsie VandenBosch - If You Find This Conversation Uncomfortable... It's For You.

#280: On this episode we are joined by Topsie VandenBosch. Topsie is a mindset coach committed to helping female entrepreneurs who are struggling with toxic thought patterns, negative thoughts, and beliefs. On today's episode we discuss how to be anti-racist, how to invite others into hard conversations, how to listen and learn from another persons experience, and how to educate yourself to be a better person. We also discuss mindset for entrepreneurs and individuals looking to improve their circumstances and break through mental walls.


#279- Dr. Dennis - If You're In Pain Listen To This - The Nervous System, Wellness, Immunity, & Understanding The Lymphatic System with Dr. Dennis Colonello

#279: On this episode we are joined by Dr. Dennis Colonello D.C., P.T.. Dr. Colonello’s training is unique in that he has the combined knowledge of a doctor of chiropractic and traditional injury rehabilitation training of a physical therapist. He has been a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years, and has treated a veritable who’s who of Hollywood stars, athletes, and olympic athletes. On today's episode we discuss the nervous system, wellness, immunity, and dive into understanding the lymphatic system.