#393- Nik Richie - How Nik Richie Saved The Internet By Creating The Dirty, Going Through Hundreds Of Lawsuits & A Wild Marriage

#393: On today's episode we are joined by Nik Richie. Many of you may be familiar with Nik Richie as the creator of the infamous website The Dirty. On today's episode Nik joins the show to discuss his journey as creator of the site and how it led him down a wild road of lawsuits, divorce, jail, and so much more. Nik bares it all on this episode and leaves you hanging on to the edge of your seat.


#392- Maria Menounos - Maria Menounos On Wellness Advice, Career Longevity, Organization Tips & Pushing Through Life's Challenges

#392: On today's episode we are joined by Maria Menounos. Maria Menounos is an American entertainment reporter, television personality, professional wrestler, author, actress, and businesswoman. She has hosted Extra and E! News, and served as a TV correspondent for Today & Access Hollywood. On today's episode we discuss what it takes to have career longevity, wellness advice, organization, and how to deal with life's curveballs.


#391- Spencer Pratt - No Holds Barred, Reality Secrets & Why Nothing Is Unwritten Now

#391: On today's episode we are joined by the one and only, Spencer Pratt. Spencer joins the show today for a no holds barred conversation. In typical Spencer fashion he let's us know what really goes on in the world of entertainment. What it was like during the heyday of Hollywood celebrity fame, and how he has evolved since then. We also discuss the return of The Hills and the part he plays for that show.


#390- Nicole Walters - Nicole Walters On How To Create The Career & Life You Want By Creating Your Own Opportunities & Overcoming Your Hardships

#390: On today's episode we are joined by entrepreneur and former corporate exec, Nicole Walters. Nicole Joins the show to discuss how we can create the life and career we desire by creating our own opportunities. We discuss Nicole's journey as a mother and how she used her disadvantages to her advantage. Nicole provides tangible advice for listeners to apply to their own life to find success.