#198-Tait Fletcher How to Build A Life On Your Own Terms - Making Mistakes, Learning From Mistakes, Finding Your Calling, & How The Hard Road Leads To The Greatest Rewards

On this episode we sit down with our friend Tait Fletcher. Tait is a professional MMA fighter, stuntman, actor, and speaker. Tait has appeared on some of the largest film projects including Breaking Bad, Jumanji, John Wick & More. Tait joins us to discuss how to build a life on your own terms, how to make mistakes, recover, and learn from them. We also discuss how staying on the long hard road leads to the greatest rewards.


#195- Emily Morse the sex expert of all sex expert’s - Another Threesome With Sex With Emily - How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive In A Relationship, Sex Advice, How To Communicate With Your Partner In The Bedroom

On this episode we are back again with the sex expert of all sex expert's Emily Morse from the wildly popular podcast Sex With Emily. On this episode we are talking all things sex, breaking down barriers, taboos and more. Everyone is having sex or wants to have sex and it needs to be talked about openly more! This episode does just that.


#194- Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul - On The Key To Romance, Dating, Hospitality, Beauty & Show Secrets

On this episode we sit down with Southern Charm's Patricia Altschul to discuss all the things: dating, how to land a partner, her stunning house, martini tips, Michael the Butler, art, etc. We flew to her amazing manor in Charleston for this interview and you know we had ice-crushed gin martinis made especially by Michael the Butler. To see her house check out Lauryn's highlights under 'PATRICIA' on Lauryn's Instagram.