#226- Jordan Belfort: The Real Wolf Of Wall Street - On How He Got Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese To Create A Movie About His Life

#226: On this episode we sit down with the real Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. Many of you may have heard Jordan's name before on the recent Hollywood hit movie; The Wolf Of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Jordan and Martin Scorsese directed the film. In this episode we discuss how Jordan had a movie created about his life by two of Hollywood's biggest names. We also discuss how to sell, and mistakes to avoid while building your career, and how to sink a 180 foot yacht. Yes you read that right.


#224- Laura Lee - On Cancel Culture, Adoption, Addiction, & The Path To Redemption

#224: On this episode we sit down with YouTube creator and star Laura Lee to discuss the current state of cancel culture and potential paths to redemption. We also discuss the adoption process and the impacts addiction can have on our families and loved ones. Laura Lee started her career by posting beauty tips on social media, she has also released a line of branded makeup.


#223-Ryan Holiday - Stillness Is The Key - How To Clear Your Mind & Find The Path To Everything

#223: On this episode we are joined by our friend and New York Times bestselling author Ryan Holiday. This is Ryan's second appearance on the show (he first appeared on episode #83) and on this weeks show we are discussing all of the concepts and ideas behind his new book, Stillness Is The Key. We dive into tactical steps you can take to clear your mind and quite literally find the path to everything.


#222- Leyla & Manny Khosbin - How To Find A Supportive Partner & Master The Art Of Resilience

#222: On this episode we sit down with a powerhouse couple! Leyla Milani-Khosbin & Manny Khosbin. We discuss how to start from the bottom and rise to the top, how to find a supportive intimate partner, and what it takes to run a business together as a couple. We also discuss resilience and how to find continuous drive when the path is not always so clear. This episode covers a lot of ground. Buckle up and enjoy!


#221- Tiffany Masterson Drunk Elephant’s Founder & Chief Creative Officer - On Skincare, Beauty Routines, & Questionable Skincare Ingredients

#221: On this episode we sit down with Tiffany Masterson, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the mega skincare brand, Drunk Elephant. Tiffany came in to discuss skincare, beauty routines questionable ingredients and more. This episode covers a lot of ground for those of you who are interested in learning more about beautiful skin and how to take care of it.