#302- Nick Vujicic - Nick Vujicic On Overcoming Extreme Adversity, Depression, & How Our Hardships Can Become Our Strengths

#302: On this episode we are joined by Nick Vujicic. Nick is an Australian-American born without arms or legs who has become a world-renowned speaker, New York Times best-selling author, coach and entrepreneur. On today's episode we discuss how Nick overcame extreme adversity and how you can too. We also discuss how to overcome depression and how the hardships we face in life can actually become our strengths and sources of inspiration.


#301- Aimee Song - Aimee Song On How To Create A Career Online, Get Paid To Travel, Stay Productive, & Have Career Longevity

#301: On this episode we are joined by OG blogger and influencer Aimee Song, creator of the wildly popular brand; Song Of Style. Aimee is an American fashion blogger and fashion designer. She started blogging in 2008 while studying Interior Architecture in San Francisco and was one of the pioneers of influencer marketing. On today's episode we discuss how to build a career online, how to get paid to travel and create content, and how to launch a brand in the digital space that can extend to products.


#300- Joe Schilling - Joe Schilling, Professional MMA fighter & Champion On Free Thinking & Fighting For Your Life

#300: On this episode we are joined by Joe "Stitch 'em Up" Schilling. Joe is an American professional Muay Thai kickboxer and mixed martial artist who competes for Bellator Kickboxing in the Middleweight division, and in the Middleweight division for Bellator MMA. On today's episode we discuss life as a professional fighter, free thinking, speaking what you believe, and living life on your terms.


#297- Dr. Habib Sadeghi - Dr. Habib Sadeghi On Healing Trauma, Discussing Suicide, & How Anger Hurts Only Ourselves

#297: On today's episode we are joined by Dr. Habib Sadeghi. Dr. Sadeghi is the founder of Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center. He specializes in a multi-disciplinary approach to chronic illnesses such as cancer and auto-immune disease with comprehensive treatment protocols that incorporate a wide range of interventions. On today's episode we discuss how trauma can manifest itself as illness, how to discuss suicide, and how anger, fear, and hate can harm us if we hold onto it for too long.