#309- Tim Kennedy - Tim Kennedy On How To Open Your Mind Using Perspective & The Power Of Listening

#309: On this episode we are joined by Tim Kennedy. Tim Kennedy is an entrepreneur, and former middleweight UFC fighter who simultaneously served in the US military special forces as a green beret sniper. On today's episode we discuss how we can open our minds by opening ourselves up to new and different perspectives. We also discuss the power of listening to others and how a different perspective can help us understand people and each other better.


#308- Glennon Doyle - Glennon Doyle On How To Take Hold Of Your Life By Becoming Braver, Bolder, & More Self Aware

#308: On this episode we are joined by best selling author and activist Glennon Doyle. Glennon joins the show today to discuss how we can take hold of our lives by becoming braver, bolder, and more self aware. We also discuss how we can deconstruct our conditioning and questions our ideas. Finally we end by diving into how we become stronger by honoring our pain and learning to listen.