#242- Gabby Reece - Raw, Real, Here To Tell Us How To Live - Relationship Advice, Parenting, Masculine & Feminine Energy, How To Continue To Evolve

#242: On this episode we sit down with Gabby Reece. Gabby Reece is a former professional athlete, mother, best selling author, fitness expert, entrepreneur and wife to Laird Hamilton. This is a very raw conversation that covers a lot of ground. We discuss how to have successful relationships, be a good parent, masculine & feminine energy and how to continue to keep evolving. If you love this episode like we do be sure to check out Gabby's new show: The Gabby Reece show on the Dear Media podcast network!<


#241- Stassi Schroeder - Is Full Of Surprises - How A Reality Star Became A Best Selling Author, Top Podcaster & Sold Out Theaters

#241: On today's episode we sit down with Stassi Schroeder. Stassi Schroeder is the star of Vanderpump Rules, A New York Times Best Selling Author, & Podcaster. Today we sit down with Stassi to discuss how she became a best selling author, sold out theaters, and a top podcaster. We also discuss her upcoming wedding, this season's Vanderpump Rules, & her tips and tricks for life.


#238-Ed Mylett - How To Achieve Your Goals, Enjoy Success, Strive For More, & Hold Yourself Accountable, All While Avoiding Burnout

#238: On this New Year's episode we are sitting down with the one and only Ed Mylett! Ed is a best selling author, top 50 wealthiest under 50, global speaker, and serial entrepreneur. This is Ed's second appearance on the show. His first appearance was on January 1st of 2019 and it's a top 10 listener favorite. In this episode Ed is back to help kick off 2020 and as always he delivers! On today's show we discuss how to achieve your goals, enjoy your success, strive for more, & hold yourself accountable all while avoiding burnout.