#231: Kenzie Burke - On Food Combining, Mindset, Diet, & Eating Habits

#231: On this episode we sit down with Kenzie Burke to discuss the idea of food combining. Kenzie moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue the fashion industry. During this time she developed health issues and as a result started working to get back in shape. After discovering food combining she decided to share her journey with the world. Today we discuss the concept in detail.


#230-The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy With Joovv - Better Skin, Better Sleep, & A Better Life

#230: On this episode we sit down with the team behind one of our favorite tech brands, Joovv! We are joined today by co-founder Scott Nelson and head of business development Wes Pfiffner. Joovv is trailblazing the red light therapy space by providing one of the best products on the market. The benefits of red light therapy include; skin health & rejuvenation, sleep optimization, cellular energy, muscle & joint recovery, hormone balance, and more. Today we are breaking the benefits of red light therapy and Joovv down and discussing how you can benefit from this technology by implementing it into your daily routine.


#228- Dr. Will Cole - On Eliminating Inflammation, Functional Medicine & Integrative Health Care

#228: On this episode we sit down with Dr. Will Cole. Dr. Will is a leading functional medicine expert and practitioner. He has been named a top 50 functional medicine & integrative doctor in the nation. He is also a regular contributor to Mind Body Green and GOOP. Today we discuss how to eliminate inflammation, the benefits of functional medicine and the practice of integrative healthcare.