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#155: Luke Storey - Human Optimization, The Struggle of an Addict, Recovery, Spirituality, & Personal Transformation

On this episode we sit down with lifestyle design expert, transformational coach and fellow podcast host Luke Storey. This episode is a wide spanning conversation covering what it's like to battle addiction, practical tools family and friends can take with their love ones struggling with addiction and how to bounce back from rock bottom. We dive into the world of human optimization, biohacking and stem cells.

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#153: How To Create Financial Freedom - How to make money, How To Save, How To Invest, Personal and business taxes & more.

On this episode we Lauryn and Michael take a journey into the world of finance. What does it look like to earn a living in the digital age? How can we make extra income? How do you save what you make? How can you invest what you make to help secure a successful financial future. This episode is all about what it takes to work towards financial freedom in a smart and strategic way.

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#152: Santa Sold Shrooms - Four Sigmatic Founder Tero Isokauppila Pt. 2 - Psychedelics, Microdosing, & The History Of Santa Clause

On this episode we sit down with our friend Tero Isokauppila. This is Tero's second time on the podcast and once again, he doesn't fail to deliver. Tero is the founder of Four Sigmatic, an entrepreneur and author. His most recent book Santa Sold Shrooms is now available. On this episode we dive into the history of Santa Clause, our experience with psychedelics, micro-dosing and more.

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#151: Gal Meets Glam Founders Julia Engel & Thomas Berolzheimer - Blog to Brand to Product Line, How To Stay Focused, How to Execute a Long Term Vision & Working With Your Significant Other

On this episode we sit down with the dynamic duo and married couple behind the mega blog and brand Gal Meets Glam. Founders Julia Engel and Thomas Berolzheimer talk shop about their journey in the blogger/influencer world. As early adapters the couple discuss what their journey has been like from blog, to brand, to product line. We also dive into what it's like working with your significant other, how to stay focused on a longterm vision and how to execute on a long term strategy.