Jason Widener - How Erewhon Market Became LA's Wellness Go-To, PLUS A BIG PINK ANNOUNCEMENT

#496: On today's episode we are joined by Jason Widener of Erewhon. If you're in LA you have to check out the Lauryn Bosstick PINK DRINK- it's avail at all Erewhon stores. You can expect a slightly sweet, icy strawberry drink that tastes like what dreams are made of. On this episode you will learn wellness hacks, brand favorites, how to get on Erewhon's radar, and all about the LB PINK DRINK (and lucky you: you can make it at home). In-stores now until 10/15/2022. Cheers!


Chevrin Pt. 4 - Chervin Jafarieh #3 - Part 2 of 2: On Living With Intent, The Pitfalls Of Cellphones & Doomscrolling, & The Right Mindset For Longevity

#494: On today's episode we are continuing a conversation started earlier this week (ep. 493) with Chervin Jafarieh. Chervin is the founder of Cymbiotika. On part two of this conversation we discuss what it means to live with intention, the pitfalls of cellphones and doomscrolling, how to cultivate the right mindset for longevity, and how sex contributes to our overall wellbeing.


Chevrin Jafarieh #3 - Chervin Jafarieh #3 - Part 1 of 2: On Essential Health Practices, Unhealthy Life Habits, Victim Mentality, & How We Unnecessarily Suffer

#493: On today's episode we are joined for a 3rd time by friend of the show, and Cymbiotika founder, Chervin Jafarieh. Chervin returns to the show for what will be the first of a two part episode to discuss essential health practices we can apply to our lives, unhealthy lifestyle habits we can eliminate, victim mentality, and how we all suffer unnecessarily due to the choices we make with our health. Stay tuned for part 2 this upcoming Thursday.


Serenity and Joe Carr - How To Heal Through Food, Raise Strong & Capable Children, & Think Outside The Box Ft. Serenity Kids Founders Joe & Serenity Carr

492: On today's episode we are joined by the founders of Serenity Kids, Joe & Serenity Carr. The duo join the show to discuss how to heal and grow through food, how to raise strong and capable children, and what it takes to think outside the box. The duo also discuss their journey as brand founders and what it's taken to grow and scale a highly successful business in an established yet outdated category.