Dr. Nicole LePera - The Holistic Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera On Moving Past Trauma, Resolving Conflict, & Repairing Dysfunctional Relationships

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( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #517: On today’s episode our guest is The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera. Dr. Nicole LePera was trained in clinical psychology at Cornell University and The New School for Social Research and also studied at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. Dr. Nicole joins the show today to discuss how we can move past trauma, how to resolve conflict in relationships, and how we can work to repair dysfunctional relationships.


( 6:30 ): Lauryn asks, “What is grind culture?”

(  7:37 ): Lauryn says, “Someone told me you actually take on the trauma, and you would be the perfect person to answer this, of not only your parents but your grandparents, and you just mentioned generational trauma. Can you speak on that?’

( 9:29 ): Lauryn asks, “Even if its your great-grandmother you’ve never met, that could transpire into later generations is what you’re saying?”

( 10:49 ): Lauryn asks, “Have you heard of an almond mom?”

( 13:45 ): Lauryn asks, “If someone’s listening and they’re a parent, how do they stop this cycle of generational trauma?”

( 18:09 ): Lauryn says, “There’s chaos you bring into the relationship. How do avoid that?”

( 19:51 ): Lauryn says, “You announced you were in a trouple.”

( 24:18 ): Michael asks, “How do you resolve conflict if there’s a three-way conflict?”

( 28:37 ): Lauryn asks, “If someone wants to do this, what do you recommend? What are your tips?”

( 38:24 ): Lauryn asks, “I feel like there’s a lot of people listening that maybe feel really depressed right now or really anxious. What are some little tools that they can do to start getting out of that depression or getting out of that anxiety?”

( 41:20 ): Michael asks, “Is it because you’re shocking your nervous system?”

( 45:48 ): Lauryn asks, “Number one: what is the difference between OCD and OCD tendencies? And number two: what are the tendencies that you do?”

( 47:30 ): Michael asks, “So you think we manage our stress by these dysfunctional habits that we implement in place of whatever that stressful activity is?”

( 52:15 ): Lauryn says, “I do this thing where when I get really overwhelmed I just start cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. And I know a lot of people do this; I’m not unique. What is that?”

(  57:39 ): Lauryn asks, “When you’re on Instagram—you have a big account—what are you noticing that people are talking about the most?”

(  1:01:42 ): Michael asks, “If someone was starting, ‘okay, I’m ready to move past my past trauma,’ where do they begin?”

(  1:04:26 ): Lauryn asks, “Before you go, can you leave our audience with some tips on how to stop a habit that’s not serving them?”

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