#47: CALL-IN TIME - Shady Cheaters, Introverts vs. Extroverts, Think Small to go Big

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#47: CALL-IN TIME


( 1:35 ): Today we have a twist for you – it’s call-in time! Plus we have Taylor & Mimi on the podcast today. SO fun.

( 5:30): We saw The Bitch Bible’s LIVE podcast while in LA. Also, Taylor is now obsessed with lollipops.

( 7:45): Michael & I are still having Taylor document our every move. We’ll see where it goes!

( 10:40): Another fun fact about Taylor? He was an 8 year old ballet dancer & apparently the star of The Nutcracker.

( 14:15): Lauryn’s beauty tip of the week.

( 15:35): Michael’s productivity tip of the week.


( 17:15 ): Asja asks: “What steps have you found work to take your idea and make it a reality?”

( 22:25 ): Alex ( ep. 23 ) asks: “How can I lose 20 pounds before the next St. Tropez trip?”

( 28:20 ): Ashley asks: “What are your three main tips or things to focus on when branding?”

( 32:20 ): Megan asks: “How do you overcome your fear of being uncomfortable as an introvert?”

( 38:50 ): Natasha asks: “What do you do when you find out someone you are seeing is actually married?”

That was so much fun! We love engaging with you guys. There will be more call-in episodes soon so stay tuned. Thanks for listening & for all of your support.


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