#329- India Oxenberg - How India Oxenberg Survived Life Inside A Sex Cult - The NXIVM Cult & It's Downfall

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#329- India Oxenberg


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #329: On today’s episode we are joined by India Oxenberg. is an American film producer, writer, actress, and television personality. A granddaughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. From 2011 to 2018, India was involved in NXIVM, an American multi-level marketing company that was later exposed as a sex cult. In this episode India discusses how someone could be exposed to a cult and eventually join and how she was able to escape and ultimately survive as the cult was exposed and taken down.



( 5:42 ): Lauryn says, “Before we get into everything, can you give us a little peek inside your childhood? Go way back.”

( 5:54 ): Lauryn says, “So you had a really close relationship with your mom. And as you guys were growing up, were you guys just like best friends?”

( 22:27 ): Lauryn asks, “Do you think Keith knows he’s a predator or do you think he’s disillusioned his own self?”

( 26:39 ): Lauryn says, “Can you give our audience a timeline of your experience in the cult. Like when you started, and how it changed when you were in the middle of it, and maybe towards the end when you started seeing signs. Like can you give us the background?”

( 42:27): Lauryn says, “ I want to ask about your relationship with your mom at this point. You said you guys were best friends growing up, you joined together, and right now with the Allison Mack thing- what is she thinking?”

( 46:50 ): Lauryn asks, “Then how did you decide to leave?”

( 55:18 ): Lauryn asks, “Did your relationship with Keith change throughout or was it always you didn’t talk to Keith and always talked Allison Mack?”

( 57:23 ):Michael asks, “What’s Allison’s role in all of this?”

( 1:01:55 ): Lauryn asks, “What can we expect from your second book and also can you leave us with some resources for anyone whose listening whose in a cult like atmosphere?”

( 1:03:56 ): Lauryn asks, “And just so we can round out the story, Allison and Keith, are they in jail for good?

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