#282- Kim Kelly & Lauryn - Lauryn Talks Weight Loss, Healthy Hacks, Low Cal Recipes, & Skinny Tips With Her Trainer Kim Kelly

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#282- Kim Kelly & Lauryn


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show.#282: On this episode Lauryn and her trainer Kim Kelly discuss weight loss tactics, healthy hacks, low cal recipes, and skinny tips. The duo gets tactical on how you can live and feel your best using simple tools and an iphone app.


( 6:01 ): Lauryn says, “Kim can you explain to everyone our mindset here? Because I know we were really specific about what we chose.”

( 6:43 ): Lauryn explains the different categories of food that they put in their grocery list in the app.

( 7:33 ): Kim explains the thought process behind the carbs they chose to include in the app.

( 8:02 ): Lauryn says, “We do a 7-day meal plan example. So Kim and I went through and sort of showcased how we would like to lay out our day. And I’ll let you kind of explain how you did this because I feel like you really emphasize the protein and where you need the fiber and everything on here.”

(12:48): Lauryn explains why they included a blank chart in the app to encourage self-accountability. 

(13:24): Lauryn explains the breakfast options they included in the app.

(14:10): Lauryn explains the different lunch options they included in the app.

(14:27): Lauryn says, “Kim, tell us about the Siete tortilla chip with almond butter that Stephanie recommended.”

(17:33): Lauryn says, “I’ll let you dissect sweets and desserts, because I know yours is first.”

(19:39):  Lauryn says, “If you were to tell us how you balance your alcohol and your fitness and all that, can you give us like a little tip?”

(23:29): Lauryn says, “And then, it’s time for the fitness section. And Kim I will let you break this down.”

(26:20): Lauryn explains the Facebook group they created for members of the app. 

(28:05): Lauryn says, “Kim, tell everyone why it is so important to track progress.” 

(29:20): Lauryn explains why they included “8 tips to your success.”

(29:41): Lauryn explains the rest of their guide, which includes the workout glossary

(30:27): Lauryn explains the extra section they included entitled “Increase the Burn”

(30:33): Lauryn says, “Give an example of a tip on how they can take it to the next level.”

(31:28): Lauryn explains the details included in the wellness guide 

(36:23): Kim asks, “Can I add one thing cause I know you’re big on this? And lately i’v been much better about it. I’ve noticed a big difference. But you meditate or you at least take how minutes out of the day to just check out?”

(38:33): Lauryn and Kim explain their additional nutritional section

(39:37): Lauryn explains both the FAQ section and the spices and supplements section 

(40:19): Lauryn says, “The next section is portions. And Kim I’ll let you talk about this because you were big on commandeering this section.”

(41:46): Lauryn explains the protein powder guide

(44:16): Lauryn asks, “Kim, where can everyone find you on Instagram?”

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