#266- Ryan Holiday - If You Are Struggling In Quarantine Do These Things Ft. Best Selling Author Ryan Holiday

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#266- Ryan Holiday


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. On this episode we are joined by Best Selling Author Ryan Holiday. This is Ryan’s 3rd appearance on the show. On Today’s episode Ryan discusses how stoicism can assist our perceptions in quarantine. We discuss how stillness and reflection can help get us through challenging times. We also discuss how to shift our minds to recognize things happening “for us” instead of “to us”. If you are struggling in quarantine this episode is for you.


( 6:19): Michael says,“Has there ever been more relevant to what you’ve written about in your most recent books as there is now?”

( 13:23 )Lauryn says, “In my opinion, and Michael said this, we were almost getting too comfortable with everything. And this is making us a little uncomfortable. There should be so much opportunity in that.”

( 27:18 )Lauryn says, “For me I look at it like ‘How do i want to waste my energy?’ Do I want to waste my energy sitting around, worrying about something I have absolutely no control over? Or do I want to use that energy towards writing my next book, being with my daughter, whatever that is.”

( 30:49 ): Michael says, “I think more than every now we’ve been forced, many of us, to sit in one spot, many of us isolated without partners, luckily we have those, with our thoughts. And I want you to talk about that a little bit because I think that’s where a lot of people are having a hard time.”

( 37:45 ): Michael says, “It is an opportunity to ask yourself is this what you really want to be doing in a place you really want to be.”

( 44:28 ): Lauryn asks, “To round this interview out, if someone’s listening and they’re so anxious, and they have anxiety and they feel depressed and you were counseling them, what would you tell them?”

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