#230-The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy With Joovv - Better Skin, Better Sleep, & A Better Life

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#230-The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy With Joovv


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #230: On this episode we sit down with the team behind one of our favorite tech brands, Joovv! We are joined today by co-founder Scott Nelson and head of business development Wes Pfiffner. Joovv is trailblazing the red light therapy space by providing one of the best products on the market. The benefits of red light therapy include; skin health & rejuvenation, sleep optimization, cellular energy, muscle & joint recovery, hormone balance, and more. Today we are breaking the benefits of red light therapy and Joovv down and discussing how you can benefit from this technology by implementing it into your daily routine.


( 9:17 ): Michael asks, “I want to go way back and talk to you guys about how you got started with Joovv, how you got the idea, what enabled you to say ‘Hey this product needs to be in the market and this product needs to exist?”

( 10:51 ): Lauryn asks, “In a nutshell, what would be the most important thing to know about red light therapy?”

( 17:03 ): Michael asks, “Selfishlessly, I’m really interested in the benefits for the skin, and the face, and the under-eyes, and even the neck area. Can you speak a little bit on that?”

( 18:36 ): Lauryn asks,  “Is there any kind of risk with this?”

( 18:52 ): Michael asks, “What’s the most effective way to use this?”

( 26:05 ): Lauryn asks, “With a salt rock lamp, it puts me to bed, because it’s orange. So can you kind of speak on that?”

( 29:41 ): Michael asks,  “So what is the difference between a heat lamp and red light therapy?”

( 33:40 ): Lauryn asks, “Seasonal depression is real, right?”

( 40:14 ): Michael asks, “Can we talk about potentially some of the benefits of testosterone levels for a product like?”

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