#175 Jillian Michaels & Justin Anderson: Celebrity trainer & hair colorist - A Roundtable Discussion on High Performance, Building A Meaningful Career.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#175 Jillian Michaels & Justin Anderson: Celebrity trainer & hair colorist


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. On this episode we are going roundtable style with two of our favorite people and guests. Jillian Michaels and Justin Anderson join us today and as always, they both over deliver. On this episode we discuss how to find success in a crowded world, what it takes to stand out, how to live life on your terms, how to stop yourself from burning out, and how to scale your brand.


( 13:34 ): Lauryn asks, “How are you going to scale being the celebrity hairstylist/ trainer?”

( 15:04 ): Michael asks, “How do you transition from here?”

( 21:42 ): Lauryn asks, “How did you transition from training to where you are now?”

( 23:57 ): Michael asks, “Who is your inspiration?”

( 25:11 ): Lauryn asks, “How do you delegate when you are such a perfectionist?”

( 26:31 ): Michael asks, “How involved are you in the day to day of your business?”

( 28:27 ): Lauryn asks, “Do you have a strategy to Instagram story? You both are killing it.”

( 37:28 ): Michael asks, “3 best tips for weight loss?” 

( 58:35 ): Lauryn asks, “How do you stay humble?”

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Lauryn & Michael

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