#159: Dirty John’s Terra Newell - The Real Dirty John Story, Terra Newell Speaks Out, & The Demise of Dirty John

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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#159: Dirty John’s Terra Newell


( 0:25 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. This week we’re Terra Newell. She is one of the main characters of the Bravo show Dirty John. SPOILER ALERT* in this podcast because we really dive into her first hand account of her experience in Dirty John.

( 5:10 ): Dirty John tells the story of Debra Newell who fell in love with a con artist. This relationship spiraled out of control and became dangerous. Terra is her daughter and shares her horrifying experience.


( 7:05 ): Lauryn asks, “Tell us some background of your upbringing.”

( 8:15 ): Michael asks, “How has your life changed since the show?”

( 9:45 ): Michael asks, “Early on you had a bad feeling. What was that like?”

( 11:55 ): Lauryn asks, “Does your mom brush off these red flags?”

( 13:00 ): Michael asks, “What is John’s reaction to you not liking him?”

( 13:30 ): Michael asks, “When did things start going downhill?”

( 16:05 ): Michael asks, “When did you think it could become dangerous?”

( 17:30 ): Lauryn asks, “What does your Mom say in retrospect?”

( 18:30 ): Michael asks, “What are your tips for online dating?”

( 19:20 ): Michael asks, “John tries to kill you in a parking lot. What is the story?”

( 23:00 ): Michael asks, “How did the Walking Dead influence your ability to attack him?”

( 28:00 ): Lauryn asks, “Did you call your Mom after?”

( 29:10 ): Michael asks, “How have you been able to heal from this experience?”

( 32:35 ): Lauryn asks, “What is your relationship with your Mom now?”

( 34:05 ): Michael asks, “How do you pick up the pieces?”

( 35:10 ): Michael asks, “What’s the media response?”

( 37:00 ): Lauryn asks, “What do you wish you would have done differently?”

( 37:40 ): Michael asks, “How do you feel about the series – is it accurate or no?”

( 39:55 ): Lauryn asks, “What does your mother think of the show?”

( 41:15 ): Lauryn asks, “What’s one takeaway you’ve learned from this experience?”

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Lauryn & Michael

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