#104: THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL MASTER LIST - The Master List by The Skinny Confidential - Products, Gadgets, Books, Hacks, and Tools

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#104: THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL MASTER LIST


( 2:25 ): Welcome to TSC HIM & HER Show. This week we’re switching it up and I’m hosting a solo episode.

( 3:10 ):  This past weekend we had fun at Crssd Music Festival and Michael was a rookie drinking again. We were also on Sex With Emily and will be playing sexy stranger. If you want to learn what that is take a listen here.

( 6:00 ):  This episode I’m sharing my MASTER LIST! Everything from beauty, wellness, home, books, skincare and more.  These are products I’ve tried,  tried and tried again. Everything is finally in one spot.


( 6:50 ): HIM TIP: Be smart during tax season with the right tools. TaxAct streamlines everything so you can find what works for you and avoid being overwhelmed. They will help you find deductions and save more money.

( 10:55 ): HER TIP: Let’s talk about eye pads. Make sure to chill your eye pads in the fridge. It makes a huge difference in the morning to fight inflammation. ALSO – elevate your bathroom experience with PooPourri. The essential oils prevent odor in the bathroom.

( 16:55 ): Plot twist! We’re going to start incorporating some solo episodes for you guys. Today we’re diving into something many of you asked me about: TSC approved products. Introducing TSC MASTER LIST. I’ll be sharing what products I use, how I use them, why I use them and more.


( 20:25 ): Lauryn shares: “Beauty: MAKEUP.”

( 32:55 ): Lauryn shares: “Beauty: SKINCARE.”

( 46:10 ): Lauryn shares: “FOOD.”

( 53:40 ): Lauryn shares: “WELLNESS.”

( 58:50 ): Lauryn shares: “TECHNOLOGY.”

( 1:04:10 ): Lauryn shares: “HOME.”

( 1:08:40 ): Lauryn shares: “FASHION.”

( 1:13:25 ): Lauryn shares: “BOOKS.”

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+  full breakdown of TSC MASTER LIST

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