#272 Debra Messing & Mandani Dayani - The Dissenters, Debra Messing & Mandana Dayani On Activism, Voting, & How To Constantly Educate Ourselves To Be Better

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#272 Debra Messing & Mandani Dayani


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #272: On this episode we are joined by The Dissenters, Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani. Debra Messing is an actress, activists, mom, and founding member of “I Am A Voter” and Mandana Dayani is the creator and co-founder of “I Am A Voter”, an entrepreneur, activist, lawyer, public speaker and media personality. On this episode we sit down to discuss activism and how to get involved, voting and the importance to of exercising this right, and how we can constantly educate ourselves to be better.


( 5:46 )Lauryn says, “So I want to just give the audience some context. How did you guys meet? How did you get involved with each other? Give us some background.”

( 9:45 ): Lauryn asks, “How can someone be a hero in this climate today?”

( 13:32 )Michael asks, “How did you both fall into activism? And how did you become so passionate about this?”

( 35:40 ): Lauryn asks, “How do you handle the naysayers and the negativity that comes along with that?”

( 41:00)Lauryn asks, “When it comes to the Black community and everything that’s going on, how do you guys think as a country that we can do better? What are some small things that we can be doing at home?”

( 42:42): Lauryn asks, “And really quick yes or no question for everyone out there, can you register to vote through iamvoter too?”

( 43:10)Michael says, “Let’s talk about The Dissenters as a Dear Media Show. It’s a unique show in the sense that there’s some specific parameters around the guests you guys have on the show- really interesting guests. I want to talk through that a little bit and talk through the vetting process of how you bring a guest on, what types of conversations you’re looking for, and why and what people can expect to hear.”

( 45:05 )Lauryn asks, “Because I’m such a big, huge Glennon Doyle fan, can you each separately tell me your favorite piece of advice you took from her with your podcast with her?”

( 49:59 )Lauryn says, “I would love to know what your morning routine is and if you use a morning routine to set you up for success especially in quarantine with everything going on.”

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