#77: TONY ROBBINS - An Extraordinary Quality Of Life

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#77: TONY ROBBINS


( 0:25 ): Welcome back to TSC Him & Her show. After our experience at Tony Robbin’s we wanted to share this information with you guys. SO today we’re doing something a little different and releasing some control.

( 2:50 ): We will be sharing some clips from the event thanks to Tony’s team. Huge shout out to Anna & Taylor. They provided these clips for FREE which is amazing since a lot of this information is not open to the general public.  We’re thrilled to be able to share this with you. Get ready to take some notes & be inspired!


( 5:30 ): The Science of Achievement. 

( 9:00 ): Become obsessed. Where focus goes, energy flows.

( 12:00 ): MASSIVE action is the cure-all.  Create momentum & effective execution. Change until you get what you want.

( 14:30 ): Grace. God. Luck. Whatever you want to call it, the more you acknowledge & appreciate the Grace in your life, the more of it shows up. 

mark rothko painting | by the skinny confidential

( 16:00 ): The Art of Fulfillment.

( 20:00 ): The Wall of Familiarity.

( 28:00 ): Achievement will never eliminate suffering. Pain is part of life but suffering is an OPTION.

( 28:40 ): Progress is EVERYTHING. Progress & growth equal happiness. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

( 33:30 ): When you failed what caused you to fail? A lack of resourcefulness.

We hope you enjoyed listening to Uncle Tony, as Michael likes to call him.

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