#75: TRAVEL HACKS - Travel Bugs, Tips and Tricks for Travel

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#75: TRAVEL HACKS


( 1:20 ): Hello from France everyone! We’ve been out here for a while & we’re definitely on French time. We’re hanging in St. Tropez with a revolving door for family and friends. It’s been a real fun time.

( 5:00 ): I’m a little sick from traveling. Time to up my vitamins. Michael is fine and just thinks I’m jet lagged.

( 5:45 ): This episode is all about travel hacks & tips.

( 8:45 ): Let’s begin with PACKING.

( 16:45 ): Now let’s discuss how to beat JET LAG.

( 31:00 ): Tips for traveling on a BUDGET, CREDIT CARDS & POINTS.

( 39:20): Looking to make the trip a little extra special? Ask for HELP from locals & always TIP the valet / front desk personnel.

( 42:00): PLAN so you’re prepared but leave some room so you can BE SPONTANEOUS.

Michael definitely knows his stuff when it comes to travel. Me, not so much. However, I learned so much from this episode & hope you did too.

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