#59: EVARTS FAMILY - with Brad Evarts, Julie Evarts, Myles McKeown-Evarts -How to Get a Man, Blending Families, & Marriage Tips

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#59: EVARTS FAMILY


( 0:30 ): Today we have a really fun show for you so we’re going to dive right in. This weeks guests are my parents and brother Myles!

( 1:20 ): HER TIP OF THE WEEK: The secret to editing your Instagram.

( 3:40 ): HIM TIP OF THE WEEK: How to have a ZEN morning.

( 6:15 ): Let’s have my dad, Brad ( ep. 39 ), my stepmom, Julie, and my brother, Myles introduce themselves.


( 10:00 ): Lauryn asks: “Tell us about your marriage & blending our families.”

( 12:00 ): Lauryn asks: “What tips do you have for when blending families is hard?”

( 17:55 ): Michael asks: “How would you teach young people to blend their lives together in a productive way?” 

( 21:25 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s a problem you’ve found in your marriage that you’ve really had to work on?”

( 30:40 ): Lauryn asks: “What are some tips for single women who want a decent cool guy?”

( 35:50 ): Lauryn asks: “Why do you guys believe so strongly in not moving in together with a significant other until you’re engaged?”

( 38:35 ): Michael asks: “What are some of the biggest mistakes you see young people making in relationships?”

( 47:00 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s something most people don’t agree with you guys on marriage that has worked for you?”

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