#45: CATFISH - The Catfish and Rapid Fire Questions - Lauryn has been catfished

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#45: CATFISH

Okkkkk sooo.

The other day I received multiple emails from some of you, The Skinny Confidential readers, informing me that Michael was seen with another girl on Instagram.


So I look at “the girl’s” handle and…”the girl” is me. In my house. On trips I’ve taken. At my family’s holiday party. With my sisters & friends. You get it.

…But my face is cropped off…& she’s Photoshopped herself into each picture with Michael.

Who knows if it’s a person pulled off Google- I don’t think it’s actually even the girl’s face she’s using in place of mine?

The account has a lot of followers & comments too. & the captions are talking about her boyfriend and their love.

“She” even went as far as to download my SNAPCHATS!

I actually don’t think it’s the girl that’s picture- I think it’s some random person who’s using this girl’s face! UGH.

( By the way I spoke to Erica from Fashionlush & blog-doo, who’s a fucking PRO at Photoshop & she said this is REALLY DIFFICULT…and impressive work ).

Anyway, who knows if this is a girl…I mean maybe it’s a creepy 59 year old guy in a basement.

We had to address The Catfish situation on the latest podcast for multiple reasons: 1.) it’s not OK to steal people’s identity on the Internet. 2.) it lacks intergrity & it’s a violation of privacy…AND 3.) people should be happy with who they are- everyone’s different in their own unique way. Being comfortable with who you are is everything I want to stand for with TSC Community.

SO. I posted these pictures BECAUSE so many of you guys Tweeted and Snapped me to see The Catfish ( “her” account is now blocked ).

Most importantly: things are not always what they seem online. If you’re talking to someone on the Internet…be weary. You never really know. There’s been so many situations where people say they’re someone they’re not. BE CAUTIOUS…

( AND LOOKS like Michael can never cheat because you guys will catch him, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA )

On that note:


( 1:20 ): We’re back with Mr. Piss Pants himself, Taylor aka “The Bare Naked Cucumber”.

( 3:30 ): If you’re ever having problems listening to the podcast you can always listen on the TSC site. There is a player at the top. SO easy!

( 4:00 ): 2017 is the year of the CATFISH. Someone reached out & said that Michael was cheating on me. We found out that someone has been photoshopping “her” face over mine & pretending to live our life.

( 9:30 ): You don’t know who you’re talking to on the internet. You HAVE to investigate.

( 11:20 ): Taylor has actually been catfished before. Maybe that’s why he’s so good at investigating.

( 15:20 ): We’ve got a BUNCH of fun guests coming on the show in the upcoming weeks. SO we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to do some RAPID FIRE questions!


( 16:30 ): Taylor asks: “Is motivation really just a bunch of BS?”

( 19:05 ): Taylor asks: “Do you and Michael ever get sick of each other & what do you do?”

( 22:20 ): Taylor asks: “If you had to live somewhere other than San Diego full-time where would it be?”

( 23:50 ): Taylor asks: “What is your number one tip for staying shape?”

( 30:55 ): Taylor asks: “What is the key to total trust in a relationship?”

( 33:50 ): Taylor asks: “What is the biggest stereotype you have about people from Boston?”

( 34:50 ): Taylor asks: “What is your biggest flaw?”

( 39:05 ): Taylor asks: “What book do you give as a gift the most?”

( 41:30 ): Taylor asks: “Have you ever faked an orgasm?”

( 44:20 ): Taylor asks: “What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you on a date?”

TSC him & her podcast episode 45: catfish | by the skinny confidential

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