#42: MR. PISS PANTS - Taylor O'Connor -Mr. Piss Pants Wild Ride! Putting in Work & Regrets

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#42: MR. PISS PANTS


( 1:25 ): The social media ban has been lifted & Taylor aka “The Bare Naked Cucumber” is back.

( 4:30 ): We’re back in San Diego hitting the ground running before the holidays & our tree is a little too perfect. I like a nice Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

( 5:40 ): Michael’s parents threw us a wedding party to celebrate everyone that couldn’t make it to Cabo. We had the Kardashian photo booth. AMAZING.

( 7:40 ): Let’s get into it. WHY Taylor has been banned from social media.

( 8:25 ): Night one: The Welcome Party. Taylor had a blacked out enchilada moment & it was laughable compared to what went down the rest of the weekend.

( 11:30 ): We told Taylor to pull it together after night one. And boy did that create a downward spiral.

( 12:00 ): Night two: The Rehearsal Dinner. Taylor’s speech. We share some recorded clips. Get ready.

( 18:30 ): The spiral continues & some of the boys head to a strip club.

( 19:40 ): Taylor has to pee & gets in a 30 minute cab ride. Guess what happens.

( 22:55 ): After Taylor pissed himself you would think it’s time to go home. Hmm not Taylor though.

( 24:30 ): Taylor goes on stage at the strip club.

( 26:55 ): Michael lays down the law after night two.

( 27:20 ): Night three: The Wedding dinner. Taylor gets aggressive with Julie.

( 29:00 ): The ban is coming to an end. Hopefully it never happens again.


( 31:35 ): Lauryn asks: “What advice would you give someone who’s trying to balance a full time job and start their blog or business at the same time?”

( 39:00 ): Michael asks: “If you had one chance for a do over in life what would it be?”


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