#37: STRATEGIC FUTURE - Steve Houck - Married... Finally! Locked Down, Game Over.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#37: STRATEGIC FUTURE


(1:37): We are finally married! We are extremely hungover a lot of alcohol this weekend, but today is going to be an interesting show. We are here with a our good friend Steve Houck. Steve is one of our best friends, Steve is in technology and personal/ professional coaching. Steve actually coaches Michael and I, you did a big session with us earlier this year.

(3:56): The hotel was excited to have us, but I think they are even more excited to have us leave. They actually told me last night “we have a lot of weddings down here, we have never seen a group drink as much tequila as you”.

(5:24): Transformational coaching is my focus, weather you are a couple business or person, we are always striving for a constant state of transformation adding growth. We work on the Strategic Future by Design. We have done work on transforming you lives after you are married, the basis is a transformation. The basic fundamental aspect of transformation is time management, how people spend their time. With Lauryn we work on budgeting her time, time is currency.


(18:20): Michael asks: “For people out there who are staring a brand or business  what is the biggest mistake someone can make in the beginning?”

(20:34): Michael asks: “When partnering with someone who is a creative, what are some tips to communicate with them in order to get the best results?”

(23:38): Michael asks: “For couples you have coaches, what is the biggest break down for business, finances, and working together?”

(28:20): Lauryn asks: “How can you train yourself to take a different perspective when looking at things?”

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