#36: LOVE STORY - Our Love Story -The Pre-Wedding Podcast

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#36: LOVE STORY


(2:51): Back again! We are drinking margaritas with pixy straws as we speak, we are at the One & Only Palmilla, to back up a little bit. We aren’t just down here running around, we are down here for a reason. Finally after years, of trying I locked you down to celebrate our wedding. Finally!

(4:48): Today we wanted to share with you a little bit about our relationship, and where it began because it is a kind of a long story. Actually really long, its the song that never ends.

(7:51): We met when we were 12, we didn’t just date then breakup for college and get back together, but there is a lot of layers and depth. I think thats what makes a great relationship though. I would be so bored with just one dimension of a person.

(15:05): The first time we broke up, Lauryn went off and broke my heart, threw me in the gutter.

(23:58): I was basically running a business in college before I knew anything about business, when I came in as a sophomore I somehow got them to make me warden. I would have the pledges carry me down the stars like King Tut. Basically I was in charge of the whole frat, even the older guys.

(35:48): My dad told me once “if you want to get a woman to like you, get a cat and get it to like you first.”

(37:23): It was always important to me to be a woman on my own before I was a woman with a man. So I made sure to always have my own thing going on, its so important to have you own life away from your relationship. I think thats what makes Michael and I thrive.

(44:39): Once we got back together, I was working as a bartender. We were eating oysters at Miltons and you told me to pull the trigger and launch The Skinny Confidential, then the next day I bought the website name and went for it. It’s so easy to not do something, everyone can win. Just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that you can’t come in and take a different approach. So many people are scared to take the plunge. Just fucking do it.

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