#35: GIRLS ONLY - party planning, bridal shower and anxiety

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#35: GIRLS ONLY


(2:20): We are hungover AF. Today we are sans Michael! No fear though, because we have the best Bosstick here, Jordan Bosstick. She’s taking over because Michael is out of town for work.

(3:29): So my bridal shower came out of nowhere and somehow we all blacked out. I think that I haven’t been drinking a lot because I am dieting for my wedding, so I let loose at the bridal shower and I am still feeling the hangover two days later. Next time I won’t black out in 10 inch platform heels.

(9:52): Jordan says: “So Lauryn came to me and said, I want to have a chill spa day and get a massage for my bachlorette party. I’m like your boring but what ever. But then she went out with Erica and she convinces her that she needs to have a huge bachlorette party. Now I am planning the whole thing, the whole thing went from 0-260, 10 page scroll of demands, Mimi and I are running around like crazy.”

(17:25): Lauryn says: “I have been doing a lot of all vera juice from trader joes, I show in some chia seeds and then I am satisfied and it taste great.”

(23:26): Lauryns tip: “So my tip is going to be about hangovers, its fitting. Very in the moment, there is no facade happening here, There is a lot of bloggers where everything is perfect all the time, not here. My tip is Ascorbic Acid, its also called the hangover elixir. When I am hungover I swear its the cure, it was invented by Susane Summers, she is amazing.

Hanover Elixir:

+ 3 Scoops Vitamin C powder
+ 1 lemon squeezed
+ 3 ALA pills


(26:22): “What is a typical day like working for you Lauryn?”

(31:48): “How do you deal with anxiety?”

(37:24): “How do you handle having friends and family working with you?”

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