#34: BACHELORETTE BREAKDOWN - Crashing the Party, Bachelor, Bachelorette Breakdown

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#34: BACHELORETTE BREAKDOWN


(2:09): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. This wedding stress is really staring to get to us, Michael thinks he is planning the entire wedding. Even though he hasn’t had to do one thing.

(2:09): I’m really not a big believer in spending a ton of money on a wedding, I think that you should throw a badass party that everyone enjoys. But there is no need to spend tens of thousands on a wedding dress and flowers, ya know?

(9:24): So Michael and his friends showed up to my bachlorette party on their way back from Michaels bachelor party in Montreal, they acted like it wasn’t planned but Michael happened to have a pink shirt and shorts. What husband shows up to the bachlorette? I’m confused.

(14:57): I think taylor and Annabell from last week are really hitting it off, I think he’s going to try and ask her on a date. Excited to see how this goes, excited, and nervous.  


(22:33): “How is starting a blog of brand different in 2016 than it was 5 years ago?”

(30:14): “What do you do when you are not making enough income as everyone around you but you love your job?” 

(31:05): “I am in a three year relationship, and I think he might be cheating. What should I do?”

(36:06): “What is different about influencers now versus typical celebrity?”


Michael: Emails! “I talk to so many people about how full their inbox is, they are always focused on getting back to their email. I am defiantly not the best emailer, by choice, I look at emails as an invasion and disruption to focus. A lot for the time emails are just other people checking things off their to-do list. So I don’t respond to a lot of emails, and some people think thats rude. But at the same time, I feel like if i spent the whole day responding to emails I would not get any work done. So I made the choice to either work today, or answer emails.

Lauryn: Peppermint tea! Peppermint tea is insane, everyone should run out and get some, I like Numi. I like it because it surpassed your appetite, reduces pain, inflation, and cures bad breath. I fell in love with it in China, I heard that people break peppermint sticks and smell them before they eat, because it makes you feel fuller quicker.

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