#30: DANNY KURTZMAN - Excuses are like assholes... motivation 101 and more mental toughness

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#30: DANNY KURTZMAN


( 4:25 ): More on the secret project we’re working on… PLUS, how you can help!

( 6:28 ):  We talk about the man who’s marrying us.

( 7:02 ): Planning our bachelorette & bachelor parties, the private investigator I hired, & what’s on the menu at our wedding.

( 10:25 ): How I’m upping my calendar game.

( 12:25 ): Real deal tips for fighting sun damage.

( 15:12 ): We share our tip of the week: I share how I increase productivity daily. Michael shares a little secret for finding direction in your career or current business.

( 19:55 ):  We introduce one of our oldest friends, Danny Kurtzman ( 2nd grade kind of old!! ). Danny is the brand manager & co-owner of Ezekiel Clothing, a California lifestyle & action sports company.


( 23:28 ): Danny shares his story with FSH muscular dystrophy, his outlook on life, & personal stories.

( 32:15 ): The importance of mental toughness & focusing on the positive, PLUS a few of our favorite scooter stories.

( 39:50 ): Tinder and a new dating app.

( 40:35 ): Danny is involved in a charity called Life Rolls On, which supports people with disabilities & takes them surfing.

Would love to know your thoughts on this episode with Danny. He’s honestly a huge inspiration & great friend.

Since we didn’t answer any reader questions this week, definitely leave your questions below and we’ll answer next week!

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