#291- Dr. Aliza Pressman - Dr. Aliza Pressman On Developmental Psychology & How We Evolve Our Personalities From Childhood

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#291- Dr. Aliza Pressman


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #291: On this episode we sit down with developmental psychologist, Dr. Aliza Pressman. Dr. Pressman is the Co-Founding Director and Director of Clinical Programming for the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, as well as a Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Pediatrics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is also the host of the “Raising Good Humans Podcast” and on today’s episode we discuss how are personalities evolve from childhood and how we can help our children develop theirs.


( 3:30 )Lauryn asks, “If you could whittle down one tip for new parents, it could be broad it could be micro, what would it be?”

( 6:20 ): Michael says, “For our listeners who are not aware of your background, it’s in child developmental psychology. How did you get into that field of work?”

( 13:01 )Lauryn asks, “When you talk to people or you interview people in your industry, what’s something that you see that’s been really successful for parents?”

( 14:08 ): Michael asks, “When someone comes to work with you, and maybe they’re struggling or they just want to know more about their child, what are the main issues they’re coming to you with or the main focuses of the work they want to do?

( 15:29 )Lauryn asks, “What are some tools or strategies that you have in your toolbox that you use that someone could maybe apply at home?”

( 20:38 ): Michael says, “I think we thought okay we are going to miss these early moments because we are not able to cuddle with the baby in the bed early on, but now we have the benefit of she sleeps all night in the bed, so from a developmental standpoint, how does that affect the child if it’s that early?”

( 21:05 )Lauryn says, “I want to do another for instance since Michael gave one. So say you have a toddler and they’re throwing a huge tantrum in the middle of a restaurant because they can’t have any more ice cream. They had cake earlier in the day and it’s over. The ice cream thing’s  over, and you’ve said no. How do you  finesse that or handle that when there’s all these people looking at you? Is there like a step-by-step way to handle it or should you just go with it each time?”

( 26:01 ): Michael says, “Well let’s talk about that and stay in that vein, because that’s I think with a lot of parents do. They get flustered and the kids crying and they’re in a tantrum and they’re like, ‘Oh my God’ how are we going to get them to stop? Let’s just give them the ice cream. What does that do to their development?”  

( 28:11 )Lauryn asks, “How do you deal with children and death? Death of an animal, death of a grandparent, death of a friend? What’s the right way to deal with it?”

( 36:47 ) Lauryn asks, “I would like to ask you what some issues, and they don’t even have to be issues, but maybe pinpoint some things that as a mother has made you better at what you do?”

( 39:07 ) Lauryn asks, “With social media, do you find that people are feeling less or more pressure?’

( 43:08 ) Lauryn asks, “At six months, obviously we have Zaza now, is there anything we can be doing for her that you think is really valuable?”

( 49:11 ) Lauryn says, “I have a family member that had horrible separation anxiety, from a young age, like really, really, really bad. What do you see are some things that people can do if they’re adults and they experienced separation anxiety when they were little?”

( 50:43 ) Lauryn asks, “What is a book, a podcast, a resource that you would recommend to our audience that can really set the tone of parenthood?”


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