#285- Heather McDonald - Heather McDonald Has The Juicy Scoop

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#285- Heather McDonald


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #285: On this episode we are joined again by Heather McDonald. Heather is an American actress, comedian and author. She is also a fellow podcaster and host of the wildly popular Juicy Scoop podcast. This is Heather’s second appearance on the show and on today’s episode we are getting all the juice on the current state of the world, entertainment, reality tv, influencers, podcasters, and much more.


( 6:49 ): Lauryn says, “But like let’s compare Oprah. Because Oprah is like the queen. Let’s compare Oprah to like these other people you’re talking about; what did Oprah have? What’s the talent with Oprah that people are missing?”

( 17:11 ): Lauryn says, “I need to know what you think is going to happen with Vanderpump Rules.”

( 18:29 ): Lauryn asks, “Or is it going to get people more curious because of the mystery?”

( 20:16 ): Lauryn asks, “What’s your favorite restaurant out of all three?”

( 21:38): Lauryn asks, “Is Keeping up with the Kardashians going to have 800 more seasons? Like what do you see?

(23:01): Lauryn asks, “Can we talk about how you were in Season 1? You know that right, Michael?”

(23:37): Lauryn asks, “So before Keeping up with the Kardashians, were you like going to Health Nut getting salads with Kris while you guys went to Dash?”

(24:54): Lauryn says, “I feel like they have to be very, very careful though with like- I don’t think it’s you personally- I think it’s they have to be so careful with anyone who comes into their ether.”

(29:57): Lauryn asks, “Well you’re the queen of juice; what’s going to happen with Kim and Kanye?”

(32:55): Lauryn says, “You talk a lot about on your podcast divorce. I hear you talk about your girlfriends that are getting divorced, and you kind of talk about how it’s not always greener on the other side. Can you talk about that?”

(36:15): Lauryn asks, “What about the guy? What does the guy do after divorce?”

(40:02): Lauryn says, “Okay so another important topic I have on my list is Brandy and Denise.”

(48:38): Lauryn asks, “Why did they have to film that scene and put that in?”

(52:25):  Lauryn says, “I think the best cast, and we talked about this on your podcast the first one I was on, by far we can agree is New York.”

(55:11): Lauryn asks, “What’s your gauge on Leah?”

(55:34): Lauryn asks, “What does Luann say about the tattoo?”

(55:46): Lauryn asks, “And what about Sonja?”

(56:27): Lauryn asks, “What’s your quarantine life like?”

(57:04): Michael asks, “Have you done any virtual tour stuff yet?”

(57:59): Lauryn asks, “Who do they want you to impersonate the most?”

(58:19): Lauryn says, “And tell us about the Barbies.”

(58:55): Lauryn asks, “How is quarantine going to affect the reality shows? Like what’s going to happen?”

(59:46): Lauryn asks, “If you could leave our audience with one piece of advice- maybe someone just starting out or someone trying to break into the similar business that you’re in- what would it be?”

(1:04:19): Michael asks, “Have you heard of Andrew Schultz?”

(1:05:00): Lauryn says, “Tell us about your show.”

(1:05:20): Lauryn asks, “What can we expect from the episode?”

(1:06:31): Lauryn asks, “Where can everyone find you?”


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