#284- Dr. Gonzalez - Wellness Hacks Ft. Dr. Christian Gonzalez - Healthy Supplements, Grounding, Cancer Prevention, Lifestyle Improvements, & Ideal Routines

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#284- Dr. Gonzalez


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #284: On this episode we are joined by Dr. Christian Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez is a naturopathic doctor focused on integrative oncology and primarily breast cancer. He is also focused on educating patients on environmental medicine, mindset, and healing the body. He hosts the Heal Thyself Show and on this episode we are discussing healthy supplements, grounding, potential cancer prevention, nutrition, and how to identify underlying causes of illness.


( 4:52 ): Michael asks, “I am obsessed with grounding. I believe in it. I’ve done it. I think it cures hangovers. Sell my husband on it, and our audience.”

( 9:17 ): Lauryn says, “So give our audience some context on who you are, where you grew up, and what you’re into now”

(11:09): Lauryn says, “So say there’s a 21 year old woman out there listening, and she’s in college. There’s all these different things happening like you said with the artificial light, the foods we’re eating, the things we’re drinking, the alcohol we’re consuming. What are some things that this 21 year old can do to be preventive about breast cancer?”

(14:13): Michael says, “It sounds like your mother was obviously a very impactful person in your life now and before she passed. Before she got sick, were you interested in a l tase things? Or was that the catalyst to get you to really dive into all this stuff?

(16:06): Michael says, “Even if you isolate it down to what we’ve seen with COVID, everyone’s talking about what to after you get it. But there’s very little conversation about what to do prior to prevent it. We’re still learning a lot of things. So why do you think that exists particularly in the field of medicine?”

(17:22): Lauryn says, “We interviewed someone that said that cancer grows in acidic environments. And you can totally disagree with this, I just want to know your take on it. They said to eat so much alkaline food, so it takes your body from acidic to alkaline. Is there any truth to that?”

(18:31): Lauryn says, “Are those those pillars you said- lowering our stress, meditation, grounding? Is there anything else you’d add to the list?”

(22:46): Michael asks, “How do you go and find it (trauma) and get it out if it’s there and causing problems?”

(25:20): Lauryn says, “You just said you write what bothered you yesterday. Normally people that come on our show say they write what they’re grateful for. That’s different. Do you also write your grateful down or do you only write what bothered you yesterday?”

(31:13): Lauryn says, “So you mentioned you have two hours in the morning to yourself. Can you talk to us about your two-hour morning routine and then your two-hour wind down?”

(33:16): Lauryn asks, “What’s the brand of coconut water?”

(36:12): Michael says, “I think you need to supplement, but how do you go about figuring out what’s right for your body?”

(41:58): Lauryn asks, “Before we get into your nighttime routine, can you just shoutout your favorite probiotics?”

(41:10): Lauryn asks, “So nighttime routine. What’s your wind down?”

(43:15): Lauryn says, “This is a two-pronged question. The first question is why is matcha so beneficial and do you love it much more than coffee? And the other question is if someone is in the same position as me and trying to lose weight what would you recommend?”

(47:24): Lauryn asks, “What are some anti-inflammatory foods?”

(49:40): Lauryn asks, “What did you throw into your morning smoothie?”

(50:41):Lauryn asks, “What is like to be working in a hospital?”

(57: 15): Lauryn asks, “Best detergent?”

(57:38): Lauryn asks, “Best hand soap to use?”

(57:46): Lauryn asks, “If you have low thyroid, what is the best thin to do?”

(57:57): Lauryn asks, “Best makeup brand?”

(58:18): Lauryn asks, “Dishwash soap?”

(58:40): Lauryn asks, “Best bread company?”

(58:54): Lauryn asks, “Best Kleenex?”

(59:09): Michael asks, “Best 1:3 sleep supplement?”

(1:00:11): Lauryn asks, “Best essential oils?”

(1:00:35): Lauryn asks, “Best milk?”

(1:01:13): Lauryn asks, “Best formula, if you want a soy milk formula?”

(1:01:44): Lauryn asks, “Best condiment”

(1:02:06): Lauryn asks, “Best coffee and matcha?”

(1:02:18): Lauryn asks, “Best foods that you can feed your kid? Like is there a brand or you do you not know”

(1:02:53): Lauryn says, “Let’s round it out with you telling Taylor what’s in McDonalds.”

(1:04:10): Lauryn asks, “Do you like kelp noodles?”

(1:04:33): Lauryn says, “We are going on your show right now. Can you shout it and shoutout your instagram and where to find you?”

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