#279- Dr. Dennis - If You're In Pain Listen To This - The Nervous System, Wellness, Immunity, & Understanding The Lymphatic System with Dr. Dennis Colonello

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#279- Dr. Dennis


( 0:55 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. #279: On this episode we are joined by Dr. Dennis Colonello D.C., P.T.. Dr. Colonello’s training is unique in that he has the combined knowledge of a doctor of chiropractic and traditional injury rehabilitation training of a physical therapist. He has been a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years, and has treated a veritable who’s who of Hollywood stars, athletes, and olympic athletes. On today’s episode we discuss the nervous system, wellness, immunity, and dive into understanding the lymphatic system.


( 14:25 )Lauryn says, “I guess we’ll start out by getting some context of who you are and where you’re from. Give us some background.”

( 15:34 ): Michael asks, “What did your family do? What did your parents do for a living?”

( 15:57 )Lauryn asks, “When you went into chiropractic, did you know you had this like intuitive ability to also do like body manipulation or were you just going for chiropractic care?”

(16:58): Michael asks, “How do you differentiate yourself from most chiropractors?”

(17:57): Lauryn says, “One thing that you said that was so interesting that I wanted to ask you about on air is that you said my implants were making it hard for me to breathe, which was making my postpartum anxiety worse, because they were so heavy on the chest?”

(20:14): Lauryn asks, “Can you talk to us about how the nervous system is related to the immune system, the lymphatic system, to body manipulation?”

(23:12): Lauryn asks, “So how can we strengthen our nervous system besides body manipulation? Is there other ways or is body manipulation number one?”

(25:40): Lauryn says, “I came to you when I had really bad postpartum anxiety. I know that I’ve had another friend who came to you for postpartum anxiety. Why does body manipulation help so much with that?”

(28:28): Lauryn asks, “What about the lymphatic system? I’m so big on the lymphatic system. I would love to know your take on that.”

(29:06): Michael asks, “why do you think that all these areas of medicine have not, I don’t want to say we’ve lost it, but they’re not nearly at the front of conversation like other practices?”

(34:22): Lauryn asks, “How does someone know they need to get their hormones checked and their thyroid checked?”

(36:20): Lauryn asks, “Is the low thyroid common in a lot of women?”

(43:13): Lauryn asks, “What are your thoughts on light and cortisol?”

(50:25): Lauryn asks, “If there is someone, let’s call her Sally in Wyoming, who doesn’t have access to you – because you truly are, I’ve been to a lot of doctors and wellness centers, and you’re the best of the best- are there things they can look for?

(53:10): Lauryn asks, “So what are some words they can look for? Is myofascial release a good word?”

(53:89): Lauryn asks, “Before we go, can you tell us about your back chair?”

(55:58): Lauryn asks, “Where can everyone find the chair?”


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