#26: BIRTH CONTROL - The Meth Neighbor, Birth Control, & Advice to Our Younger Selves

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#26: BIRTH CONTROL

This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST…The Meth Neighbor, Birth Control, & Advice to Our Younger Selves

( 0:10 ): Welcome to TSC Him & Her Show hosted by myself & my husband, Michael Bosstick.

( 1:20 ): We brought some female energy today with Mimi and Jordan.

( 3:40 ): People on snapchat have been intrigued by Mimi. She’s my little sister and works with me on TSC.

( 10:55 ): It turns out that we have a sketchy neighbor in LA…


( 19:40 ): HIM TIP: Setting goals for yourself is bullshit – what’s better is setting up systems for yourself.

( 21:00 ): HER TIP: Coconut Coffee is my new thing – cold brew + ice + light organic coconut milk + 3 drops of stevia + pumpkin pie spice in the blender is amazing.


( 25:15 ): Lauryn asks Mimi: “You joined Snapchat 6 years ago. How has it evolved since then and when did you really love it?”

( 29:30 ): Jordan asks: “If you could rewind time 5-10 years, what piece of advice would you give yourself and why?”

( 35:25 ): Jordan asks: “How do you feel about birth control? What do you think about hormones? What about the non-hormonal options? What does a TSC baby look like? Do you ever worry about unplanned pregnancy?”

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