#18: THE HANGOVER - July 4th, Managing Couples Finances, and College Experiences

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#18: THE HANGOVER

This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST…The Hangover Podcast, July 4th, Managing Couples Finances, and College Experiences

( 0:10 ): Welcome to TSC Him & Her Show hosted by myself & my husband, Michael Bosstick. We’re in LA for a bit and have been on-the-go for a while.

( 1:00 ): Today’s the fifth of July – not our shining moment. We’re in bed, hungover, and feeling a little slow today.

( 3:30 ): I made the rooky mistake of mixing alcohols while Michael took a quick power nap.

( 4:45 ): We’re getting an official studio on Friday and are going to start recording in it next week. Jordan and Taylor will be joining us for our first studio show!

( 8:45 ): Michael talks about his drinking experience in high school and college – excuses about why he has massive 55 year-old hangovers at 30.

( 10:30 ): Pre- 4th celebrations, we went to Las Olas, took a quick bike ride, and then met up with friends.


( 11:35 ): Michael asks: “I’d love to hear more about your college lives. I’m currently in college and would love to hear how you guys kept your shit together in college.”

( 22:45 ): Michael asks: “I would love to hear more about your favorite places in LA.”

( 25:29): Michael asks: “I’m curious if you can both talk about who manages the finances?”

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