#133: Heather McDonald - Dating Advice, Online Dating, Family Dynamics, Comedy, Reality TV, Kris Jenner & Chelsea Handler

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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#133: Heather McDonald


( 2:10 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. This week we’re joined by Heather McDonald from Juicy Scoop. We discuss dating advice, professional comedy, working with your spouse and much more.


( 9:25 ): Lauryn asks: “Does your husband get upset with what you share on the show?”

( 10:25 ): Lauryn asks: “How is it working with your husband?”

( 12:55 ): Michael asks: “How is it traveling as a comedian for your marriage?”

( 14:05 ): Lauryn asks: “Do you get questions early in the morning or at night?”

( 18:50): Lauryn asks: “Tell us the aspen story.”

( 25:45 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s your advice for young people dating in this atmosphere?”

( 31:50 ): Michael asks: “Is it true you have a brother who faught Kimbo Slice?”

( 34:15 ): Lauryn asks: “Let’s talk Serial Sister.”

( 37:45 ): Lauryn asks: “How did you get into comedy?”

( 40:55 ): Michael asks: “Do you remember your first gig?”

( 42:05 ): Michael asks: “How do you maintain a thick skin?”

( 43:25 ): Lauryn asks: “How was the Hamptons & Real Housewives?”

( 46:40 ): Lauryn asks: “How did you meet Kris Jenner?”

( 52:05 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s the deal with the cup?”

( 55:30 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s the next step for you?”

( 57:55 ): Michael asks: “Where have you been blackballed from?”

( 1:00:40 ): Michael asks: “Why do spinoff shows not take off?”

( 1:03:10 ): Lauryn asks: “How did you curate such an amazing community?”

( 1:06:35 ): Lauryn asks: “Who’s been the juiciest guest on your show?”

( 1:07:55 ): Lauryn asks: “What are your top 3 beauty tips?”

mascara trick

bronzer chanel tub

under eye concealer

jargons self tanner

korean spa

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Lauryn & Michael

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