#12: LIVE FROM FLORENCE - Lauryn & Michael are in Italy for Lauryn's surprise birthday trip, how to plan travel, how to keep the romance alive and how to travel on a budget

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast#12: LIVE FROM FLORENCE

This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST…Live from Florence, Italy! My Surprise Trip, How to Plan Travel, Keeping the Romance Alive and How to Travel on a Budget

( 0:10 ): Welcome to TSC Him & Her Show hosted by myself & my husband, Michael Bosstick. We’re live from Florence, Italy. There’s no Jordan or Taylor so it’s just us two – let’s see how we do on the road.

( 2:10 ): Michael surprised me with this trip for my birthday. I didn’t figure out where we were going until our plane landed.

( 7:40 ) When we first started dating, I took Lauryn to Venice. It was her first time going to Europe, she packed everything. Rookie move.

( 11:10 ): Okay so now that I have traveled a little more, I don’t pack a million things anymore. I bring a cheap pair of shoes because nobody cares and you’re walking everywhere. Michael’s the expert packer and packs the minimum then does his laundry at the hotel.

( 12:25 ): Michael: “only do things wrong once”.


( 12:50 ): Michael asks: “How do you plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been? How do you find really good places that aren’t tourist traps?”  

( 27:05 ): Jordan asks: “How do you and Michael keep the romance alive in your relationship having known each other for so long?”

( 36:40): Michael asks: “What do you think is the most affordable way to travel? Do you have any tips on booking an amazing trip without an extensive budget?”

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