#266- Ryan Holiday - If You Are Struggling In Quarantine Do These Things Ft. Best Selling Author Ryan Holiday

#266: On this episode we are joined by Best Selling Author Ryan Holiday. This is Ryan's 3rd appearance on the show. On Today's episode Ryan discusses how stoicism can assist our perceptions in quarantine. We discuss how stillness and reflection can help get us through challenging times. We also discuss how to shift our minds to recognize things happening "for us" instead of "to us". If you are struggling in quarantine this episode is for you.


#223-Ryan Holiday - Stillness Is The Key - How To Clear Your Mind & Find The Path To Everything

#223: On this episode we are joined by our friend and New York Times bestselling author Ryan Holiday. This is Ryan's second appearance on the show (he first appeared on episode #83) and on this weeks show we are discussing all of the concepts and ideas behind his new book, Stillness Is The Key. We dive into tactical steps you can take to clear your mind and quite literally find the path to everything.


#83: RYAN HOLIDAY - Perseverance, Living In The Moment, Failure, Perception, and Creating Perennial Sellers

On this episode we interview 6x Author and Marketer Ryan Holiday. We cover a lot of subjects in this interview including what it took to become an author of 6 books at the young age of thirty and become the chief marketing officer of American Apparel and market for personalities like, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Tucker Max. We also dive into the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and discuss the stoics response to failure, living in the moment, and perception of the world around us. The interview raps up with a conversation on Ego and how to create work that stands the test of time.